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168562 PCI-e 1x to 16x Riser Extender Cable Call $30.00 inc GST Buy
168563 PCI-E Riser Card w 60cm SATA USB cable Ethereum Zcash Bitcoin TGC-PCIE1-16 Yes $49.00 inc GST Buy
177713 24-pin to Dual 24-pin ATX Power Supply Cable Connector Splitter Call $39.00 inc GST Buy
140661 Asus ASUS HYPER M.2 X4 MINI CARD Call $53.10 inc GST Buy
149681 Digitus Digitus SATA III PCI Express card, 4-port Call $107.08 inc GST Buy
39996 IBM NEW ZEALAND LIMITED 6Gb SAS HBA Controller PCIe Call $406.69 inc GST Buy
167532 StarTech StarTech 4 Port PCIe SATA III Controller Card Call $139.00 inc GST Buy
26197 STLab STLab F-360 PCIe 1394a Card VIA chip 2x External 1394a Port Call $40.00 inc GST Buy
77329 STLab STLab I-370 PCIe 1-Port Parallel Card Call $50.00 inc GST Buy
87419 STLab Sunix PAR5418A PCIE 2-Port Parallel IEEE1284 Card Call $125.07 inc GST Buy
74048 STLab ST Lab A-440 PCIe-1 Adapter Card 2x SATA3 6 Gb/s internal + 1x ATA-133 Call $60.00 inc GST Buy
26136 STLab STLab 2-Channel Serial ATA & ATA-133 RAID Combo PCI Card VIA Chip 1x IDE 2x Internal SATA 2x External SATA (A-230) Call $69.00 inc GST Buy
26137 STLab STLab 4-Channel Serial ATA RAID PCI Card 6 Ports (2x Ext 4x Int) Silicon Image 3114 Supports RAID 0/1/5/0+1 (A-224) Call $69.00 inc GST Buy
26187 STLab STLab A-410 PCIe SATA II RAID Card 2 Channels with 2x Internal Port Call $69.00 inc GST Buy
144013 STLab STLab A-480 2 Port SATA PCIe Call $49.00 inc GST Buy
77314 STLab STLab I-294 PCIe 2-Serial 1-Parallel Port Card Call $56.35 inc GST Buy
45213 STLab STLab I-343 PCIe 4-Port Serial Card Call $79.01 inc GST Buy
97976 STLab STLab I-360 PCIe 2-Port Serial Card Call $59.00 inc GST Buy
26135 STLab STLab I-390 MosChip 2 Port Serial PCI Card Call $50.00 inc GST Buy
77313 STLab STLab U-580 PCIe x1 Adapter Card 2x USB 3.0 external Call $39.00 inc GST Buy
86423 SUNIX Sunix SATA1616 PCI Express SATA 3.0 Card 6Gbit/s - 1 Internal and 1 External Port Call $112.45 inc GST Buy
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